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Amazon seller and reseller insurance is critical for protecting your business, your assets, and to prevent you from paying out of pocket for legal fees in the event your business is involved in a lawsuit. Not only is having insurance for your business recommended, depending on your monthly sales, Amazon may require you to hold insurance. Whether you use Fulfillment by Amazon (FBA) or Fulfillment by Merchant (FBM), we can customize your coverage to fit your needs.

Why choose Fuse Insurance?


Our dedicated team has extensive experience working with eCommerce businesses, giving you specialized coverage you can rely on.


Our leading insurance applications ask all the information required by Amazon. Any updates or changes to their requirements can be updated with the click of a button.


Tailored Amazon seller insurance solutions, including Commercial General Liability, Product Liability, and Stock insurance.


We offer a number of different payment options, so you can choose what works best for you. Whether that be monthly, one-pay, cheque or bank withdrawal.


We have access to Canada’s leading specialty insurers, allowing us to secure competitive pricing and high-quality coverage.


Fuse Insurance’s dedicated phone and email support team is here to help at any step along the way—so you can make informed decisions. Check out our frequently asked questions about Amazon insurance.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Do I need Amazon Insurance?

Once you make more than $10,000 in sales in a single month, then you will be required to provide proof of insurance within a 30-day period. It is a good idea to start looking for insurance if you are getting close to $10,000 sales per month, so that when you hit Amazon’s “insurance threshold”, we can have your policy up and running right away.


What if I sell products on other marketplace platforms?

We can help you find e-commerce insurance whether you sell on Ebay, Etsy, Shopify or another online sales platform. Each third-party marketplace will have different insurance requirements, so it is best to check what those are in order for us to find comprehensive coverage for your business that covers all potential risk exposures.


Do you provide insurance for US sales?

Yes, we can provide insurance for Canadian-based Amazon businesses, even if your sales are global, for example from Amazon US. You will need to specify the percentage of sales from each country you sell to when you fill out your insurance application.


How much does Amazon Insurance cost for Canada-based sellers?

The cost of your insurance will vary based on a number of factors unique to your business. You can’t compare the price of your insurance to another seller because your company could be selling from completely different product categories, manufacturers and have differing annual revenue. Higher risk products (including anything that goes on your body, is consumable or is made for children) may result in a higher premium. Imported products and private label products have higher liability risks, which can also increase the cost of your insurance.


How do I get started?

Fill out our secure online Amazon insurance application form and select “Amazon FBA and eCommerce” as the business type to get started on your insurance quote. This will ask the exact questions we need to know in order to offer you an indication on pricing. We will be in touch once the form is received, but if you need help along the way, we are happy to answer your questions over the phone at 1-866-387-FUSE (3873) or over email at


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