Amazon Seller
Insurance In Canada

The best protection for your Amazon business.

Amazon seller and reseller insurance is critical for protecting your business, your assets, and to prevent you from paying out of pocket for legal fees in the event your business is involved in a lawsuit. Not only is having insurance for your business recommended, depending on your monthly sales, Amazon may require you to hold insurance. Even new Amazon businesses would benefit from inquiring about insurance now, so that when you hit Amazon’s “insurance threshold”, we can have your policy up and running right away. Whether you use Fulfillment by Amazon (FBA) or Fulfillment by Merchant (FBM), we can customize your coverage to fit your needs.

How do Amazon sellers benefit from working with Fuse Insurance?


Our dedicated team understands the needs and risks of eCommerce businesses, giving you specialized coverage you can rely on.


Our leading technology creates new certificates with just the click of a button and includes all the information that Amazon requires. Any updates or changes to the requirements are reflected in seconds.


Tailored Amazon seller insurance solutions, including Commercial General Liability, Product Liability, and Stock insurance.


Fuse Insurance allows you to manage the policy details digitally, with updates instantly covered and confirmed.


We work with Canada’s leading specialty insurers, allowing us to secure competitive pricing and high-quality insurance coverage.


Fuse Insurance’s dedicated phone and email support team is here to help at any step along the way—so you can make informed decisions. Check out our frequently asked questions about Amazon insurance.

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