Cyber Insurance to Protect Your
Operations From Digital Risk

With exclusive in-house expertise that understands your business.

Cyber risk is a threat to companies of any size; with new and changing regulations it can be increasingly difficult to ensure your business’ safety online. Our experienced brokers understand the importance of providing protection in the face of cyber threats and will help make sure you have customized coverage that minimizes financial burden and helps protect your company’s future. We deliver industry-leading insurance solutions to protect your bottom line and your reputation, so that you can mitigate your risks and be protected in the event of a breach or if business operations are interrupted.

How does your business benefit from cyber protection with Fuse Insurance?


Our industry leading in-house cyber security expertise helps us truly understand your needs, giving you specialized coverage you can rely on.


Our leading technology gives you access to all your cyber insurance documents online, and even creates new certificates and pink cards with just the click of a button.


Tailored cyber insurance solutions that meet the unique needs of your organization, robust customized coverage you won’t find anywhere else.


Fuse Insurance allows you to manage the policy details digitally, with updates instantly covered and confirmed.


We work with Canada’s leading cyber insurance providers, allowing us to secure competitive pricing and high-quality insurance coverage.


Fuse Insurance’s dedicated phone and email support team is here to help at any step along the way—from quotes to claims, so you can make informed decisions.

Improve your coverage with Fuse:

Protect your business – and your employees – from the high cost of cyber risk.